Nikolay V. Voloshin

CEO of Joint-stock Company Productive Association “Promhimapparat”


The joint-stock Company Productive association “Promhimapparat”, one of the leading chemical machine building companies of the Chelyabinsk region, was formed and registered on April, 4th, 1995 in Ozersk. The enterprise produces the standard and various not standardized chemical technological devices from alloyed, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels, from copper, aluminum and titanium alloys.

Our customers are oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, gas, nuclear, metallurgical and the food-processing companies.

"Promhimapparat" counts with modern national and imported technological and control equipment, highly qualified personnel.  Our specialists flexibly react to market conjunction and are oriented to achieve best solutions. 

The equipment is manufactured under the design documentation of “Promhimapparat” and/or specialized project institutions.

Our design and technological teams actively collaborate with scientific research institutes of the industry constantly improving standard products, and developing new mass-exchanging, heat exchanging, chemical, and other special equipment.

PA “Promhimapparat” guarantees effectiveness and reliability of the equipment we deliver to our customers for significantly longer terms than those defined in industry standards. Since December, 2011, JS PA “Promhimapparat” is a member if self-regulative partnership “National agency for companies – producers of welded equipment” ÍÏ "ÍÀÏÑÏ".

The company has implanted and certified ISO 9001-2008 GOST R Quality management system.

“Promhimapparat” is the reliable partner!

Petrochemical equipment manufacturing division

Nuclear equipment manufacturing division

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